Previous Work

North German Connection

• Editor of Neuroplasticity: The Biology of Psychotherapy, an online home-study course by psychologist Dr. Herman Medow (see Jim Heisel & Assoc.)


• Editor of submission to National Register of Historic Places for the Ridge Avenue Historic District, Lawrenceburg, KY, by historian Allan Cornelius

Editor of The North German Connection, a genealogical history by Allen Bernard, Ph.D.


Editor of Farewell to Happy Town, a 96-page volume of poetry by F. Keith Wahle with photographs by Brad Austin Smith

Editor of A Choice of Killers, an 88-page volume of poetry by F. Keith Wahle, with photographs by Amberlyn Nelson



Copy Editor of 225-page dissertation on the history of desegregation in Cincinnati Public Schools, by doctoral candidate Esther Erkins, Department of African-American Studies, University of Cincinnati

• Content Editor of professional journal submission by Prof. Virginia Gonzalez, Dept. of Education, University of Cincinnati


writer, researcher, editor, photographer, graphic designer, printing coordinator


Editor of Communiqué, 32-page biannual magazine, 2-color, ms. morgan’s complete re-design of the alumni magazine, Communiqué for UC’s College Conservatory of Music


Assistant Editor, 19-page Investment Booklet for Tomboy Films’ production of the independent feature film, THIS TRAIN, starring Soupy Sales




editor, writer, graphic designer of many issues of a quarterly newletter of 8 pages


Editor, Footprints, many issues of an 8-page newsletter for Contemporary Dance Theater


Production Editor of a quarterly academic journal, Philosophy in the Contemporary World


Managing Editor of a 24-page tabloid, 4-color, alumni publication entitled Morehead Statement


editing, co-photographer, co-author, printing coordinator


Editor of the annual 44-page magazine, 2-color, research publication entitled Focus, with stories of current faculty research at Morehead State University, KY


Editor of the annual Viewbook recruitment piece, 32 pages plus cover, full color, and its companion piece, a 12-page booklet, full color, for Morehead State University


editor, typesetter, graphic designer, photographer, printing coordinator


  • Editor of numerous program booklets for UC’s College-Conservatory of Music, 24-32 pages






editor, writer, photographer, printing coordinator




  • Editor, writer of a quarterly 8-page newsletter, Centerline, for UC’s College-Conseratory of Music


  • Editor of a biannual 12-page tabloid, the “Regional Schedule of Classes” insert
  • Assistant Editor of “Rereading Intellectual History: An Anthology of Women’s Social and Political Thought,” editors Hilda Smith and Berenice Carroll, a 700-page manuscript prepared for publication with Illinois University Press



editor, book designer, printing coordinator

 editor, book designer, printing coordinator



  • Assistant Editor of a 104-page volume published by The Center for Women’s Studies, Women and the American Economy





















editor, graphic designer, photographer, printing coordinator




  • Assistant Editor of 5 issues of a 12-page periodical, Forum, for UC’s Center for Women’s Studies

editor, graphic designer, printing coordinator




  • Editor of 24-page booklet, The Advisory Council to the President on Women’s Issues: Women’s Plan for the Nineties
























editor, book designer, printing coordinator


  • Editor of 24-page booklet, Strengthening the Women’s Studies Core: Faculty Development, Scholarship and Teaching