Professional Achievements

  • January 1997 to present

Editor/Publisher, Karma Press (formerly morgan press), an independent publishing service providing transcription, editing, book design, and printing coordination

       •   October to December, 2017

Acting Editor, mss on Buddhism, Racism and Criminology, by Dr. Leon Pettiway (Ven. Lobzang Dorje)

  • March 2010 to August 2010

Editor of Neuroplasticity: The Biology of Psychotherapy, an online home-study course by psychologist Dr. Herman Medow

  • April to June 2008

Editor of submission to National Register of Historic Places for the Ridge Avenue Historic District, Lawrenceburg, KY, by historian Allan Cornelius

  • January 2005 to January 2006

Editor of The North German Connection, a genealogical history by Allen Bernard, Ph.D.

  • January 2000 to June 2001

Editor of Footprints, an 8-page newsletter for Contemporary Dance Theater published 3x a year

  • October 1998 to March 1999

Computer Typesetter, Shachihata, Inc., (rubber stamps), Los Angeles

  • October 1996 to September 1998

Director of Publications for University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

  •   October 1996 to September 1998

Budget Manager for UC’s College-Conservatory of Music Publications

       •     July to August 1998

Media Coordinator for Soupy Sales,This Train

       •    June 1997 to June 1998

Editor of Footprints, an 8-page newsletter for Contemporary Dance Theater published 3x a year

  • May 1994 to May 1996

Director of Publications and Printing Services, Morehead State University, KY

  • Summer 1994 to Spring 1996

Assistant Editor of Philosophy in the Contemporary World, editor Professor Jack Weir

  • September 1990 to March 1993

Publications Coordinator for The Center for Women’s Studies, University of Cincinnati

  • Summer 1991

Budget Manager for $170,000 grant awarded to UC’s Center for Women Studies for a National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute entitled “Rereading Intellectual History: Integrating Women’s Social and Political Thought into the Undergraduate Curriculum”

  • June to September 1990

Book-making Internship at ST Publications Book Division, Cincinnati

  • 1984 to 1996

Photographer for: Tomboy Films, Ltd.; for UC’s College-Conservatory of Music; for Morehead State University; for UC’s Center for Women’s Studies; for Cincinnati Ballet

  • 1984 to 1992

Broadcasts on WGUC radio (local art and dance reviews)

Art and Dance Critical work appearing in:

  • New Art Examiner

  • Cincinnati Arts

  • Dialogue—Arts in the Midwest

  • Midwest Modern Languages Association Conferences

  • September 1983 to June 1984

Public Relations Coordinator for Cincinnati’s Contemporary Dance Theatre


Intensive study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism, 2000 to present, with monks of GSL and DGTL Monasteries, and the Trijang Buddhist Institute in Northfield, Vermont

Master of Arts, English Literature, December 1992, University of Cincinnati Creative Writing Option in Poetry, Taft Fellowship; MLA speaker on Sylvia Plath’s writing and art

Bachelor of Arts, English Literature, June 1989, University of Cincinnati (Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa), Poetry Writing Certificate, several Honorable Mentions in Elliston Poetry Awards, Art Director/Photographer for student magazine, Bylines; Morgan Scholarship for 3 years, NEH Younger Scholars Award (Sylvia Plath’s writing and art)

Art History Major, September 1979 to May 1980, University of Cincinnati

Journalism and Photography student, June 1974 to June 1975, Los Angeles Valley Community College

Internship with Playboy photographer, Mario Cassilli, Sept 1974 to December 1974, Studio City, LA, CA

Academic Achievements, Honors and Awards

Taft Fellowship for graduate work (poetry and criticism) in English Literature, University of Cincinnati Dept. of English, Sept. 1989 to June 1990

Stewart and Anna Morgan Scholarship for undergraduate work in English Literature, University of Cincinnati Dept. of English, Sept. 1985 to June 1989

Honorable Mention, Elliston Poetry Prize, University of Cincinnati, 1991

National Endowment for the Humanities Younger Scholars Award, for writings and research on the art and poetry of Sylvia Plath, 1988

Honorable Mentions, Robert Lee Strauss Poetry Competition, University of Cincinnati Dept. of English, 1984, 1988, 1989

Winner, Undergraduate Essay Contest, The Center for Women’s Studies, University of Cincinnati, 1986

Foreign Languages

       •    Reading knowledge of Latin

  • Conversational and reading knowledge of French

  • Rough conversational knowledge of Italian



Dr. Herman Medow, 440-394-5645

Allan Cornelius, 812-655-1687

John Reinhardt, John Reinhardt Book Design, 888-305-4710, 143 Grassy Brook Rd., Brookline, Vermont  05345